Friendship, Community and Bourbon

Our Journey

Mission Statement

We started this Group to build Friendships and Bridges in our Community. We donate to charities and causes that will directly improve our Communities in a positive way.    

Members Promise

As a group we want to work towards the goal of hosting quality tastings, improving our palates, and (most importantly) selecting excellent barrel picks while building bridges in our community in a positive way.

   We would like our members to actively participate in meetups when possible and purchase and promote our picks. The more everyone participates, the more we can fine-tune our picks to everyone’s preferences, and the better bottles we can get.

    We would rather have a small group of very active members than a large group of lurkers, so please only add members that you believe will participate and help grow our barrel selection buying power.

    We also know many of our bourbon aficionado comrades are more active on other means of social media such as Instagram (columbia_bourbon_collective) and , so we have dedicated pages for those mediums as well.

    We will update all our social media followers about upcoming bottle shares, barrel selections, and other upcoming events.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or (most importantly) tips on connections at distilleries, please PM any group admins on Facebook or use the contact us link on the web site.