Introducing: Our Initial Review during the Barrel pick
Russel Reserve Single Barrel Pick AKA Genesis
Pouring this smooth spirit in a Glencairn you notice legs for days and a dark copper color.
First nose, you get hint of spearmint, tea, floral and the #4 alligator char
Then you sip: The palate is hit with mint, creamy toffee, hint of buttery vanilla and a medium body.
The Finish ends with a dash of heat from the 110 proof but overall is smooth with character to round out the overall taste.

Bryant Roberts

It isn’t a secret that I am a Wild Turkey fan. There is a lot to like. A quality, consistent product that has been shepherded through highs and lows by Jimmy and Eddie Russell. Wild Turkey is no non sense. One bourbon recipe, one yeast. 7 story, metal clad storage buildings. They close the windows in winter and open them in the summer. No mystery warehouse, 4 grain, or experimental collections. There isn’t anything wrong with those things but they aren’t what ‘Turkey is about.

Earlier this summer, Russell’s Reserve 2002 was released with dozen barrels pulled from Camp Nelson—an aging site an hour from the distillery. The barrels from this warehouse..and a half dozen or so have landed in my market recently..have a different profile than the releases from the B D G H and O rickhouses at Tyrone where a lot of recent RRsib were pulled from. The ‘Camp Nelson Profile (or prickle)’ is spicier with a big finish…reminiscent of the Jimmy profile (as opposed to the sweeter, creamier expression with a shorter finish that @34yearmaster prefers).

The fine fellows @columbiabourboncollective selected an excellent barrel back in September. This barrel-which yielded only 42 bottles- comes from the 4th floor, 3rd rick, 3rd tier of warehouse A at Camp Nelson.

Enough of the rambling, how does it taste?

Set up: 1.5 oz in a glencairn with a 3 minutes rest after a swirl.

Color: light mahogany per the breaking bourbon chart. Orange/gold flecks when swirled.

Nose: nice legs that are slow to descend. Bakery shop sweets, strong spicy cinnamon back bone, well worn leather, split oak.

Palate: creamy mouthfeel, vanilla extract, toffee, maple syrup sweetness, dark chocolate, black pepper prickle.

Finish: Long and spicy. Molasses sweetness fades to spicy oak/char, leather, with a slow spicy fade.

This is a very nice barrel. Turkey fans will find both Jimmy and Eddie profiles present.

While this barrel was very short, if you are intrigued, seek out other Camp Nelson A offerings (hint @wholesalespirits has one).

Dan Lavender

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